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Without exception, our bees produce the World's Finest Raw Honey.  By purchasing our products, you will not only benefit from the raw honey , you are also supporting the local economy, The American Farmer and the Beekeeping Industry.

Raw Honey has been used for centuries for its multitude of health benefits.  Unfortunately, most of the honey sold today is heated and filtered.  This process is now known to eliminate nearly all of the beneficial properties present in Raw Honey.  Enzymes, amino acids and trace pollen present  in World's Finest Raw Honey ensure that you enjoy all of the natural goodness the bees created.

World's Finest Raw Honey is a family business that produce high quality Raw Honey from hives located in Florida.  We are your local source for great raw honey and beautiful gifts.

'Bee Unique Everything Honey & More"

We are conveniently located on S Dixie Hwy between Belvedere and Southern Blvd.  3311 S Dixie Hwy.

West Palm Beach Florida 33405



We have 10 varieties of Raw Honey.  Four of our varieties are Local which are very desirable particularly if you suffer from airborne allergies.  Our honey is raw and contains all the health benefits that are removed when heated and filtered.

We also have a unique honey our Raw Honey & Cinnamon which is fortified with Royal Jelly, Propolis, Bee Pollen & Cinnamon. We also now have 3 new honeys on the shelves!  Raw Buckwheat, Honey & Turmeric and Honey & Ginger.   We also carry the rarest honey, Raw Tupelo Honey,(Also the designated Florida State Honey!) which comes from the Apalachicola River Basin in Northern Florida  This honey has the lowest glycemic index of all our honeys and is  great for diabetics or anyone watching their sugar intake . 

We have wonderful organic teas and handcrafted beeswax candles.  We also carry a full skin care line produced by us that contains our raw honey royal jelly & propolis.  We continue to add to our product line by carrying local vendors goodies.  We now carry  Cottage Garden Teas!  Our latest addition to the family is AB Gourmet Kitchen.  Adam Brown brings us beautiful sea salts blended with quality ingredients for all your cooking and barbecuing needs! We are also now carrying a healthy eating cookbook by a local author..."Eating to Live Well"  by Sharon Quercioli.  She even has a chapter on Honey!!   We pride ourselves on providing the best we can for you.  Come in and see what we can offer you and the beautiful gifts we can put together for you!


New for this year...sample honey baskets!  All wrapped and ready to go!  Makes holidays or gift giving of any kind so much easier!




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Bee Unique Everything Honey & More

3311 S Dixie Hwy

West Palm Beach, FL 33405


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